About Us

A passion for preventing global harm and protecting user privacy.

The Kodex Mission

We are, at heart, focused on preventing harm.
It was obvious to us that there had to be a better way for companies to respond to the millions of data requests issued each year than traditional email, fax or physical mail…and we delivered.

Our innovative SaaS solution is reshaping how private enterprises, law enforcement, and governing bodies engage on legal process. This new generation of intelligent compliance rallies around user-centric fundamentals: ease & automation, assured security & privacy and complete transparency.

Proof That the
Kodex Platform Works:

A growing number of marquee clients

More than 7000+ registered, verified government bodies and law enforcement agencies in 100+ countries around the world

A significant Venture Capital backing

A growing team of professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement, the law, technology, security and privacy

Our Team

Our safe and robust platform was built by a team of public safety, engineering, and privacy experts.
Our solution is purpose-built to boost efficiency, trust, and peace of mind.

Matt Donahue

Matt Donahue

Founder & CEO

Before Matt founded Kodex, he was doing Counterterrorism Intelligence for the FBI. He saw first-hand how even multi-billion dollar companies struggled to securely, and efficiently, respond to legal data requests from governments around the world. The Problem? There was no standardized, secure, or trusted medium by which the public and private sectors could interact in order to prevent real-world harm while protecting user privacy.

The Solution? Kodex.

Matthew Leonard

Matthew Leonard

Head of Product

In his previous role as technical lead for Legal Compliance at Pinterest, Matt led development of content takedown systems, and data generation software for records requests and litigation holds. He also worked on the investigation side of records requests while at Palantir, where he created data records integrations for state and local governments. Matt was an engineer on Facebook’s original Law Enforcement Response engineering team.

Steve Matuszek

Steve Matuszek

Director, Engineering

Before joining Kodex, Steve was a founding engineer for Meta’s Law Enforcement Response Portal, which is used daily to combat abuses of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus VR. Prior to Meta, Steve also did National Security work with Palantir and the USG—all of which he is now leveraging for every Kodex user.

Nick Pailthorpe

Nick Pailthorpe

Director, Government Relations

In his previous role leading Public Safety at Uber, Nick brings deep knowledge of law enforcement and security to Kodex. As a UK native, he spent 10 years as a detective for the London Metropolitan Police working across specialist commands and eventually focusing on Cyber Crime. Nick then joined Uber where he spent 7.5 years keeping their platform safe by developing Uber’s relationships with Law Enforcement, Intergovernmental organizations, NGOs and anti-trafficking bodies. He is now bringing his expertise and passion for public safety to Kodex to nurture those same relationships and prevent real-world harm on a larger scale.

We help protect society from real and credible threats
while enabling the highest possible level of user privacy and trust.

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