Case Management

Streamline and simplify the legal response process.

Key Benefits

No Emails, No Spreadsheets

Are you managing requests via email and in large spreadsheets? Are you manually copying and pasting? Replace the multiple inefficient, manual methods of compliance with a singular intelligent online tool that automates and accelerates the response process.

Case Management

Responding to requests has never been easier. We’ve simplified the complexities of the legal response process including Preservation extensions, NDO extensions and user notices to yield seamless and efficient communication.

Peace of Mind

We vet every agency using our portal to block requests from fraudulent or compromised accounts.

Reduce manual “Back & Forth” traffic by up to 30%

A library of custom forms to request and receive the precise details you need from law enforcement – no more frustration, no more wasted time with countless back & forth exchanges to get what you need.

Product Features

Dynamic Metadata Management

The system automatically captures metadata from subpoenas and court orders such as legal process type, case nature, case number, agent badge number, emergency reasons and more, and makes it available for quick and easy export. You’ll never have to copy & paste metadata into spreadsheets to track requests again!

The Right Information, Right from the Start

Incomplete requests waste time and delay the response process. With Kodex, we help investigators provide all of the required fields & information to enable a timely decision for each request. The tool also sends reminders and facilitates preservation extensions, NDO extensions and reimbursements.

Automated Macros and Template Responses

Create a customized library of macros and template-based responses, so you can reply quickly and consistently.

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