Law Enforcement Verification

We thoroughly vet and validate every investigator.

Key Benefits

Law enforcement verification is time consuming and highly complex. But Kodex does all of the heavy lifting for you. Our dedicated team of fraud and security specialists manage the rigorous verification process, allowing you & your team to focus on response. We have an extensive and growing network of verified investigators as well as an evolving list of bad actors that we can flag and track through 24/7 automated monitoring.

Verified Trust

Only authorized law enforcement agencies and government entities are granted access. And every request is analyzed for suspicious activity and scored for validity, so you can be confident it’s genuine.


Safeguard Your Users

Security and privacy is in our DNA. We’re here to inform and empower you, so you can protect your customers and your end-users from bad actors seeking user information.

Comply with Protection Laws

Accidentally violating data protection laws is a primary concern for all our customers. Kodex can protect you from making that damaging error and the consequential implications.

Innovative and Meaningful Measures

Our rigorous verification measures have identified and blocked over 1,000 bad actors attempting to undermine and gain access to sensitive information from Kodex.

Product Features

Digital Paper Trail

Once a verified request is made, the system automatically audits every action relating to it—ensuring compliance, transparency, and secure file transfers.

Global Reach

Kodex has a network for 7,000+ verified agencies in more than 100 countries around the world and growing everyday

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