Secure Portal

Rigorously engineered end-to-end for highly trusted engagement.

Key Benefits

Automate and accelerate the ability to issue and track legal process requests by replacing onerous, archaic processes with our simplified, secure web-based solution.

Verified Trust

Only authorized law enforcement agencies and government entities are granted access. Every request is analyzed and scored through our proprietary suspicious activity monitoring system, so you can be confident that all inquiries coming through the platform are authentic.

Safeguard Your Users

Kodex instills security and privacy for your customers and end-users and empowers you to protect them from potential “bad actors” seeking their personal information.

Effective Countermeasures

Our expertise in identifying bad actors and phony requests helps ensure your business can protect your users from the damaging consequences of illegal and unwarranted requests for information.

Secure Communication on a Global Scale

Historically, law enforcement used conventional and susceptible modes of communication like email, fax or USBs for data transfers. Today, thousands of investigators worldwide are turning Kodex to securely manage their legal process.

Product Features

Standard Tool and Forms

A library of custom forms to request and receive the precise details you need from companies—no more frustration, no more wasted time with countless back & forth exchanges to get what you need.

Digital Paper Trail

Once a legitimate request is submitted, the system automatically audits every action relating to it—ensuring compliance, transparency, and secure file disposition.

Trusted Partners

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