Transparency Reporting

Kodex dashboard delivers real-time analytics, detailed manager insights and transparency reporting.

Key Benefits

Flexible Formatting

Kodex supports global regulatory requirements for reporting. We provide comprehensive data for every information request received and enable you to publish that data quickly and easily.

General Insights

Reporting tools that track trends, providing insights for current requests and identifying future threats.

Delegate and Manage

Automated workflow improves productivity and the bottom line. Our centralized platform makes it easy to delegate requests and manage your response team, improving overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Kodex generates customized reports, so you can quickly & easily track workflows, response progress, current and past threats, as well as countless other metrics most relevant to you. Our reporting tools also assist with response and compliance regarding The Digital Services Act and the EU E-Evidence Commission.

Product Features

Intelligent Insights

At any given time, you can quickly and easily access information, such as the volume of requests, who they are from, what is being investigated, and process status. Our clients share reports directly with senior executives.

Built-in Security

Our highly secure E2E 256-bit AES encrypted platform is designed from the ground up to protect data, establish trust, and safeguard you and users’ privacy.

Trusted Partners

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