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Brian Donahue | Feb 7, 2024

Law Enforcement Data Requests: The Supply Chain Vulnerability Nobody’s Talking About

Law enforcement and government agencies have always been an attractive target for criminal hackers. By stealing and using their credentials or spoofing government domains, criminals obtain a perception of authenticity that helps them social engineer businesses. Unfortunately, there has been an upward trend in public sector targeting for some time…

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Kodex | Nov 20, 2023

Kodex Raises $10M Seed, Delivering the Only Complete Solution for Law Enforcement Response

Kodex, the only complete solution for law enforcement response, raised a $10 million seed round, led by a16z with participation from Tusk Venture Partners and other strategic investors (full list below). This brings the company’s total funding to $12 million to date…

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Kodex | Nov 14, 2023

Account Security at Kodex

We use multiple layers of defense with built-in redundancies to verify law enforcement agents and prevent their Kodex accounts from unauthorized use. Law enforcement officers are required to sign up with a verified agency email. However, criminals know that law enforcement agencies often have weaker security than the companies they’re trying to exploit…

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Matt Donahue | Nov 13, 2023

Why Kodex is on a Mission to Modernize Law Enforcement Response for Business

Today, most crimes involve some element of technology – whether that’s using online platforms to communicate with others to plan a terrorist attack or an abuser luring children through private messages. This means most law enforcement investigations will involve following some kind of digital footprint to gather the necessary facts and evidence…

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Kodex | Oct 24, 2023

“I’ve never sent a fax in my life and this is the FBI! What are we doing here?”

Matt recently joined the Decipher Security podcast with host Dennis Fisher and Nick Selby, a seasoned CISO and law enforcement officer, to discuss the challenges organizations face when responding to data requests and how companies can address them. One of the greatest challenges for organizations is verifying that requests come from legitimate law enforcement officers…

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Kodex | Aug 31, 2023

Removing Friction for LERT Teams with Legal and Technical Advancements

It’s no secret that laws often lag behind the pace of technology. As criminals increasingly adopt the use of technology in their campaigns to harm others, the volume of law enforcement requests for data from private companies has increased exponentially…

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