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Stay compliant and protect user information.

Key Benefits

Kodex instills security and privacy for your end-users and protects them from potential “bad actors” seeking their personal information.

Unparalleled Privacy

Developed with the strictest privacy measures, we boost our clients’ ability to protect the anonymity of their end-users and thwart scammers from soliciting their data.

Highly Secure Environment

Driven by our thought-leading, proprietary technology, we streamline and automate the flow of sensitive data requests in a highly secure (E2E 256-bit AES encryption) platform.

Seamless Compliance

We’ve simplified and standardized the complexities of the legal response process by providing a secure and intuitive environment for engagement that protects the privacy and rights of your users.

Product Features

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Secure, configurable, intuitive end-to-end platform that boosts performance, protection, and peace of mind.