Streamline and safeguard your legal response process.

Key Benefits

Security is the cornerstone of the Kodex platform. We deliver a private environment for financial institutions to confidently engage with authorities, knowing sensitive company and customer information is protected.

Efficiency That Scales

We’ve simplified and standardized the complexities of the legal response process, so even large volumes of requests are easy to manage, respond
to and track.

Highly Secure Environment

Delivering peace of mind that all data produced is encrypted and secure. Stop using email, physical mail, USBs and CD-ROMs to distribute sensitive data.


Only authorized law enforcement agencies and government entities can utilize the platform. You can be confident that every inquiry in your dashboard is vetted and valid, saving you significant time & effort verifying the authenticity of every request.   

Product Features

See What Kodex Can Do For You

Secure, configurable, intuitive end-to-end platform that boosts performance, protection, and peace of mind.